Posted by admin on Aug 1, 2016

Why Consider Segmental Walls?

The process of interlocking modular concrete blocks to make a wall is actually called segmental retaining walls. This kind of retaining wall is usually utilized in order to sustain a sloped area of ground in order to offer a vertical and solid appearance. If you do not put enough retention, the slopes could actually slide down, collapse or hollow. With the exclusive creation of segmental walls, higher walls could possibly be created with its significant capability of retaining the energy of the earth’s pressure.

Furthermore, segmental retaining walls could as well be constructed in a broad selection of textures, colours, designs, and sizes. They could also integrate curvy or straight lines, edges, or steps. The segmental walls are considered an excellent choice not just for supporting sloped areas, but for widening places as well which could somehow become useless because of the slopes. Construction of retaining walls are generally utilized for grading alterations or any other functional purposes like expansion of walk ways, drive areas, or making additional area for an outdoor space.



Hence, if you are still undecided about installing segmental retaining walls, then you could refer to some of these reasons as to why segmental walls are great for any property.

  • Installation expenses – in several circumstances, the soil on the property could actually be utilized when constructing concrete blocks. This could basically get rid of the necessity to purchase additional materials. Do not ever forget to take in consideration the installation expenses of any construction you do, or in any retaining walls you plan to install.
  • Mortar is not needed – segmental walls could actually be constructed without the need of mortars. Hence, this is absolutely a great choice for any home owner who desire to try DIY retaining wall construction.
  • Conserves time – from the fact that mortars are not needed, this could surely make you conserve time and allows you to construct the segmental retaining walls in just a quick period of time.
  • Great durability – segmental walls could practically endure ground motion and arrangement without giving any damages to the blocks, not like those masonry walls made from mortars or those walls that were filled with concrete.
  • Adaptable wall styles – since segmental retaining walls utilizes separate blocks, then if could basically allow any wall styles or designs when it comes to the length and shape of the walls. Through this, you could plan your own design without needing really make them identical.
  • Broad options – with segmental retaining walls, you actually have the freedom to choose from a broad selection of the block measurements, designs, textures, and even colours. Because of this feature, you could easily match them with your existing property.
  • Post holes are not required – compared to those walls that are filled with concretes or those mortared ones, the segmental walls do not generally need vigorous digging in order to make some space for huge footings.

The things mentioned above are just some of the significant reasons why you might want to consider segmental retaining walls, and you do not actually have to construct them in sloped areas because it could be constructed anywhere.

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