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What are Window blinds?

Window blinds are the term also known as a window covering, window blinds are available in different types that are based on ranges of control systems. A casual window blind is designed and manufactured with quite a lot of vertical and horizontal slats of different solid material. These hard and solid materials are included plastic, metal, and wood, these slots of materials are fixed side by side with cords and the cords are crossing through blind slats.

There is numerous range of window blinds available named as shades, in shades, the soft material are utilized as an alternative to slots.

Window treatment without blinds is worst, blinds are the major aspect to add versatile trends and styles to window that also control and manage sunlight to enter in. Various types of window blinds are available for consumers to select the type that meets their taste, desire and style. Each type of window blinds has its particular exclusive style and different designs to match people tastes. There are different types of window blinds available with their usages.

1. Venetian Blinds

In market Venetian blinds is a most common type of window blind available at affordable rates, and due to the simple design and numerous uses, these window blinds are the favorite type. Due to decent look, this window blind is a perfect fit for room and it is helpful to fix with any types of window style. It offers exclusive style with simplest positioned of slats horizontally on each other and ties up with the string. Plastic and sometimes metal is used in this designed and the normally the width of slat is 1 inch. But in some other Venetian blinds, this width varies up to 4 inches.



2. Vertical Blinds

This blind type is mostly same like Venetian blinds; the only difference is a vertical system of slats carried as an alternative of horizontal slats. It is more dust resistant as compared to Venetian blinds due to vertical slats design. The system of side closing has finished this design of blind most promising for large windows with side opening slides and patio doors.

3. Mini Blinds

This is better to say the type of Venetian blind with comparatively small slats and ultimate sleek design. For smaller windows the smaller slats mini window blinds offer the stunning look, this mini slats blinds are a perfect fit and normally used in offices and homes.

4. Roller Blinds

In case you need blind to block light than roller blinds are for you, this blind piece has made on one piece design with the metal rod or pole which is easily operate and handle by side chain.

5. Wood and faux wood blinds

This is ultimate Venetian style with faux wood or wood slats, though you might get the vertical style in this same design. Cording system is attached with blind to manage the slats open or close.

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