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Types of Glasses

Glasses have been used over the users in different kind of fields. Glasses are known for its elegant looks and versatility. They can be used in creating almost everything. We see a lot of glass works almost everywhere. There are glass windows, glass kitchen utensils and even glass sandals. Glasses are everywhere because of its main material which is the sand. Since you can see sand almost everywhere, surely, glasses will be everywhere as well. Glasses can be very expensive depending on how it is utilized by most common glasses is very affordable since there is an abundance of its main material.

There are different types of glasses that people should know about. Here are the types of glasses.

1. The so called Flat Glass.

This is probably the most common type of glasses there in. This is what you commonly see in offices, in your house, everywhere. Flat glasses are those that are used in windows, glass walls and glass doors. With this very affordable material, you can already have a very elegant looking place. Just see those offices that are divided by glass only, the transparency and the minimal shine of the glass is what makes it look very elegant. Flat glasses will surely look a lot more attractive if you use it in bathrooms, to separate the shower room from the other things that are in the bathroom.

2. The Plexi Glass.

The plexi glass is commonly seen in basketball courts. You see this being used as a board where the basket ball ring is attached. Plexi glass is used in this area because it is made of plastic. It is thick and also very durable. It does not crack easily making it very children friendly as well. Since it is made of plastic, you really should not worry about your kids playing around it since it does not break even when they smash it or throw something to it. You can also see most of this plexi glass in offices that has a glass stairs. It is not actually a breakable glass that you are walking on but it is a plexi glass designed to hold the weight of a number of people. It adds a very elegant touch to the whole office room that is why it is what is commonly use as stairs.



3. The Tempered Glass.

You are probably thinking of the one that is protecting your phone’s lcd. Yes, it is a tempered glass indeed. But long before it was common to smartphones, tempered glass has been used in some kitchen wears and utensils, plane windows, glass tables and furniture and it is also a component of the polices’ bulletproof vest. This type of glass is very durable and is made to endure hard impacts that is why it does not easily break. One of its aims is really to protect.

4. The Laminated Glass.

This glass is made to ensure the safety of the people or things that it holds. When this glass is smashed or hit by something, it does not really break at old. This glass holds itself, requiring a really hard impact to damage it. Even a bullet does not shatter this glass easily.

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