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Tree Lopping And Its Ramifications

Before getting to know about the adverse effects of tree lopping, first, let us familiarize ourselves with the concept. Many do not know about this practice, but you must have seen this wherever you live, especially if you are from Australia.

What do you mean by tree lopping?

Lopping means to cut off a branch or twig from a tree. It is basically trimming off the dead branches or the branches that may kindle any unfortunate incident.

Tree Lopping, probably we can say that a boon and a curse for the environment. While lopping off branches can help avoid accidents and forest fires, and it adversely affects the ecosystem. As the trees are being cut down at an alarming rate to provide cultivation land and the trimming of trees adds fuel to the fire.

Advantages of tree lopping

Though condemned by many environmental activists, tree lopping offers its own benefits.

  • Proper trimming will help improve the robustness of trees. By truncating the dead branches, you can improve the condition of the tree and stop further decay. These branches are very harmful as it may cause accidents and mishaps.
  • Another significant benefit is that lopping improves the overall look of the tree. You certainly do not want a garden where the tree branched out of shape. Lopping gives more stability and enhances the appearance of the tree.
  • Trimming the crown will not only increase the exposure to sunlight but also help augment air circulation. Having a dense crown is not feasible as the base of the tree attracts more pressure on the base. So lopping prevents the roots of the tree from taking on too much strain.
  • Lopping fruit trees results in the enhancement of the size and quality of the fruits. Especially if done in late winter, these trees will bore excellent fruits.

Disadvantages of tree lopping

Nothing is perfect in this world. If there are benefits of anything, there is bound to be drawbacks. Likewise, tree lopping also has its own disadvantages.

Lopping removes the most of the leaves at the crown of a tree. Since leaves are the food producers of a tree, lopping can result in tree starving, which may lead to the death of the tree. During lopping, the tree has to suffer many cuts on the branches. Some of these cuts will be a reason for infection resulting decay of the tree.

In spite of the many cons lopping faces, tree lopping is still a widely using practice in most parts of the world. Many professional lopping can assist you in making the trees look much refined, in case you need any assistance. However, you need to check their license whether they have the permission to do tree lopping.

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