Posted by admin on Dec 2, 2015

Tips In Registering Your Business Name

Coming up with a business name is not easy because of the fact that the business world is already quite congested and therefore, is quite competitive as well. And it is because of this stiff competition that each business man especially the newcomers might do every aspect of their business strategically even the task of choosing a business name. Yes, coming up with an effective business name is certainly far from easy thus if you think you are with the right one already, see to it that you are the only one using that. That is right, every other business man can also use your business name whether you like it or not if it is not legally yours yet. So, how can you make it yours legally and how can you make others not use it legally? You can protect your business name by registering it or for a more protective way, trademark it.



If your business name is already registered or trademarked, then it cannot be used by any other businesses as you already have a permit to use it legally. It is all yours any even if another business will do the mistake of using it, he cannot do the legally. Once he will try to register the same name, he will be rejected being it is already yours. That is one of the reasons why business names should be registered in the first place though there are still more reasons aside from that.

However, you should know though that business name registration is not really that easy and in fact quite daunting and definitely time consuming. So, the government being aware of this, especially the Australian government, came up with an online website for registering a business name so that you can do it anytime you are free at the convenience of your own home. However, seeing how the said website is organized, business owners find it hard to get through with process. They find it too complicated. If you happen to be one of them, there is no reason to be disappointed though as there are another online site that is approved by ASIC that can assist you when it comes to business name registration.

If you will register your business name in the official website of ASIC, you will be incurred with a minimal amount that is good for a year and there is also another if you will have it for three years. With TradingAs though, you will be incurve of the same amount plus their own charges. Yes, they have their own charges since they are a separate entity though they are approved by ASIC. But even if you will be incurred more amount by using TradingAs, it is really worth is as the system in this site is much easier. It is even said that you can get on with your registration in just a matter of minutes. Besides, you can easily follow the prompts once you will click the start button.

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