Posted by admin on Jun 9, 2015

Tips for a Successful Kitchen Make-Over

Planning on doing a kitchen renovation? This article will give you tips to help you achieve your dream kitchen look. A house is never a house without a kitchen. This is where most bonding moments happen since the kitchen is where foods are stored and food brings the family together. But after many years, it is inevitable to encounter damages or problems in your kitchen. If you think you need to add more cabinets for your utensils or improve the look of your range hood or noticed that pests have been running around the kitchen, then that would be the time to plan on renovating one of the most important parts of your house. After all, this will add ease and value to your home. Before you start, list the things you want for your kitchen. Manage your budget since repairs can cost you a big amount. Although, some kitchen ideas can be achieved without spending a lot. I also recommend making a layout of the kitchen you want. It is better to talk to a kitchen renovation contractor.

Timber flooring can add warmth to your kitchen and is softer when you are on foot than tiles. Over the years, hardwood improves it looks due to ageing. It is also known that these are the healthiest kind of floor given its organic origin. It attracts less dust and does not attract allergens and mould. Even your babies can crawl on the kitchen floor without worrying of bacteria getting into him or her.



A custom range hood can be good whether you are going for the classic or modern look. Hire a company that also specializes in range hoods. Best to apply monochromatic colours to give your range hood an attractive look.

The kitchen can give you a lot of benefits. You can put a sink on it while the remaining top portion serves as a table for eating and much more. Under it, cabinets are available so there is less worry for storage. Group your utensils and specify different storages for it. Drawers work best with dividers so separation of utensils is practised.

Hook and Hang your pans. Put your walls to work. This is more convenient than putting it inside cabinets.

Go vintage if you are on a budget. We can’t deny it but vintage is classy despite the low cost. The old and pre-loved materials are unique and eye-catching. Go around your neighbourhood or your favourite thrift shop and start looking for antiques and useful kitchen furniture.

Glass splashbacks are the new thing when it comes to kitchen renovations. Aside from the fact that you can choose your own design, glass splashbacks are very useful and efficient. It is easy to clean with only the use of water, cleaning solution and cloth, you can wipe the dirt off. It is heat resistant, no matter how exposed it is to heat when cooking for hours, the glass will never change its shape and colour. Thus, less maintenance is needed.

Keep your dishware close at hand. A wall-mount plate rack will do.

Use lighting. Your kitchen must be illuminated at all times to avoid accidents and to find things easily. Put more windows to save electricity on the day and bright lights on every corner to keep it lighted at night.

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