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The Basics of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Technically speaking, carpet steam cleaning is not the method used by professional carpet cleaners to get the dirt and grime out of your carpets. This method is actually called hot water extraction, where hot water is sprayed onto a carpet then a machine is used to suck it all up, and the dirt with it. Hot water, not steam is used, as opposed to the machines advertised on home shopping networks that utilize steam vapor.

Steam machines use very little water as they utilize the vapor from this heated water to clean while a hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine uses gallons. A steam machine will disinfect and sanitize surfaces due to the hot water and carpets cleaned in this way usually dry very quickly as there is minimal water usage. Many companies manufacture vapor cleaners. They are also considered “green” alternatives as they require little to no chemical detergents or cleaning solutions to work. The ability of the vapor to disinfect and kill germs makes these vapor machines very popular as it is also known to kill dust mites.

A vapor steam carpet cleaning machine is ideal for environments that are hypoallergenic. This is because they do not require chemicals to clean. Generally, there are two types of these machines that use vapor. One of these is the hot and dry steam cleaner which contains a boiler to heat the water so as to create hot steam. This steam usually does not contain large amounts of water which is why it is called a hot and dry steam cleaner. The other type of cleaner is a humid steam cleaner that does not contain a boiler. This means that the steam created by this machine is not hot steam. Cold steam holds more water than hot steam. The type of carpet steam cleaner you use depends on your preferences.

In order to remove dirt, grit and stains that have been on the fabric for months or even years in some cases, it is best to call in carpet steam cleaning Adelaide to do the job. This method of treatment will ensure a very deep clean. Professional equipment is very powerful and therefore the carpet will not be too wet after cleaning. If you have concerns over the price of this service, you can have only the heavily trafficked areas cleaned. By the time they are done, the obvious difference in both look and feel of your carpet will make you a believer in professional carpet steam cleaner services.

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