Posted by admin on Jul 13, 2017

Resell House After Fixing These Plumbing Situations

The water system is one of the most complicated parts of the house. If you don’t maintain it properly, costly repairs and damages can come back at you. So, before you resell the property, make sure you dig into possible issues surrounding this system.

Although you can impress buyers with a newly painted walls and refurnished flooring, note that they will sign a deal if everything is working properly, especially the water heater and faucet. Don’t put up a “house for sale” sign if you haven’t check on the following:


Foul smell and damage on the ceiling or walls can be caused by leaks. What you should do is run a test in the toilet and shower to see if there are hidden damage in pipes. You can also call a trusted plumber if you can’t do it on your own. Here are the signs of leaks:

  • Formation of moulds and mildew
  • Paint discolouration
  • Mouldy smell in the bathroom
  • Sudden increase in the water bills
  • Water damage in walls

Drippy faucets

If pipes are cleared and you still experience an increase in the utility bills, then there must be something wrong in the faucets. A drippy nozzle should be replaced immediately to avoid flooding inside the house.

Blocked drains

This one is probably the most common problem in the plumbing system. If you’re selling your home, don’t just perform household cleaning agents to get rid of blocked drains. You obviously need the help of certified plumbers to effectively clear out dirt, foreign debris and materials. If the drain is slow, you can expect that there’s something blocked inside. Some plumbers use cameras to check the pipes. This is quite pricey but if you the problem is mild, you can just let them use cleaning products. Contact Paul’s Plumbing for an affordable and effective plumbing solutions. Visit the website today to learn more.

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