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Neon Signs are a Beauty

Have you noticed the sign board of your neighborhood club? Did you take a look at the Pepsi’s advertisement that is mounted nearest to your residence? How attractive does the sign board of your favorite pizza outlet looks?

Of course, seldom do we pay attention towards the sign boards, but in reality, it is by the virtue of this very signage that we get attracted towards an outlet or a brand. In this article, we are going to talk about ‘neon signs’ and their role in the field of advertisement.

Thanks to Georges Claude, a Frenchman, who invented neon signs in the year 1910. The invention invaded the marketing minds of America in the year 1923. Neon colors make an advertisement sign more attractive than before and hence, their introduction in this field made a pretty useful advent.

neon signage

Today, we are familiar with 150 different shades of neon. In the very beginning, red was the only neon shade available. The vibrancy of such colors trick the minds of customers who tend to get appealed by the neon signs. Be honest with yourself, which sign board of the Pepsi ad interests you the most? The one illuminated with LED lights? Or the one illuminated with neon lights? Which part shall grab your attention the most? The one illuminated with a simple monochrome shade or the one enlightened with neon colors?

You might be wondering that neon signs are just limited to the world of business. Well, this was a fact of the past times. Today, such signs are also being used on a personal basis. For instance, we can use neon lights to enlighten the figures of cartoon characters for entertainment purposes, and so on. Restaurants make use of such signs to add to the beauty of their dine-in environment.  See here.

Neon bar signs also make a great option if you want to advertise your product, your website, or a brand. Business companies also employ the means of neon board signage to publicize their name, their products, their locations, as well as their web addresses. Clubs make use of neon lights for their outdoor signs since it adds the element of ‘coolness’ to their environment. Moreover, the neon color goes really well in dark set ups, and actually adds to the beauty of the place.

The market places worldwide have effectively and constructively employed such a means of marketing and illuminating their brand. Upon entering a market street, you can easily notice the sign boards of several shops enlightened by bright neon lights.

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