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Local and Foreign Investments Boost Jobs in Subic Bay

Openings for jobs in Subic Bay is expected to further grow as investments pour in the area, according to local authorities.

Earlier this year, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Administrator and CEO Wilma Amy Eisma said there was an 11-percent increase in job openings in the freeport from the 2015 figures.

Eisma said growth in the employment in the area is fuelled by the increase in investments in the special economic zone. As of February of this year, SBMA is processing the application of 1,093 new investors.

Subic Bay Jobs

Logistics and Tourism Hub

On the question of why jobs in Subic Bay is rising consistently, the SBMA CEO cited the area’s accessibility to transportation via air, land and sea. A former US naval base due to its strategic location, Subic Bay is currently used as a major port for second-hand vehicles.

The area is also in the process of to be the most advanced logistics hub in the Philippines. It is poised to accommodate the rising demand in the local and international trade.

Moreover, Eisma added that the former US naval base is endowed with natural resources, which was preserved by US troops and is still being kept by the local and national government, makes it an ideal place tourists and residents alike. The area maintains a high quality of air and ambiance as it is nestled with mountains teeming with virgin forests and wildlife.

Build, Build, Build

Moreover, Subic is a beneficiary of the ambitious infrastructure program by the present administration – ‘Build, Build, Build’. Being one of Central Luzon’s major economic centres (the other one is in Clark, Pampanga), it is positioned as a commercial and industrial area that is aimed to decongest Metro Manila, the country’s capital. As of this writing, roads are being built to connect it to Clark, Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon, further expanding its accessibility on land.

With all these developments, Eisma and other government officials are optimistic that jobs in Subic Bay will further boom in the days ahead.

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