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How to Resolve Blocked Drains

There are many different ways to fix a blocked drain. This depends on the severity of the problem. Most homeowners usually fix blocked drain pipes by using acid based drain cleaning chemicals. Other than that, items such as sewer snakes and plungers are also commonly used.  If you are currently trying to resolve clogged drainages in your home, here’s a guide to help you get through with the process.

Before anything else, here’s the stuff you need to prepare:

  • hand protector or gloves
  • small-sized bucket
  • big sized bucket
  • screwdriver
  • wrench
  • sewer snake


1. Start by putting on the gloves to protect your hands from the waste water coming from he blocked drain. If water from the blocked drain refuse to flush in the sink, start collecting it using a bucket.

2. Remove the drain’s covering. You could make use of the screwdrivers to loosen and to get the drain’s cover which is fastened by screws. Additionally, you could look for the water closet. This is considered as the pipe’s access point that has been built when the whole plumbing was constructed. Use the wrench in order to open the closet’s cover.

3. Afterwards, use a sewer snake tool. Insert the corkscrew end of the snake inside the opened drain through the water closet. Push and pull until you the obstruction. Take note that bends in pipes could give you a hard time locating the obstruction, so be careful with that.

4. Turn the handle of the sewer snake clockwise in order to fasten the corkscrew end of the snake to the blockage. If the snake can be easily pulled back it simply indicates that you lost the hold of the obstruction and must do the process of screwing it down again.

5. Gently push and pull the tool from the drain until you remove the obstruction then flush the pipe with clean water in order to clear the path.

Tips and Caution

For extreme blocked drains, it’s better to rent an automatic sewer snake rather than using the manual one. Motorized or automatic sewer snake are offered for rent most rental stores and house improvement shops. However, if you think you cannot do the entire process by yourself, you could contact and seek the assistance of blocked drains Brisbane in order to do the work for you.

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