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How To Do An Interlocking Tile Roof Repairs

If your roof is leaking because of one simple tile break, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on tile roof repairs. Although many repairs may require a professional, if you have the time, like DIY, and aren’t afraid of heights, you may be able to do a simple tile roof repair yourself. All you need is yourself, a ladder, someone to spot you, two pry bars or a standard household hammer with a plastic handle, and gloves. Here’s how:

1. Buy a replacement tile that matches the size, colour, and type of tile on your roof. This is essential. If you don’t get the same type of tile, you may end up damaging your roof or making the leak worse. When you initially get the roof, it may be a good idea to order a few extra tiles to have just in case tile roof repairs are needed later on.

2. Carefully climb onto the roof while someone below supports the ladder. It goes without saying that climbing onto the roof can lead to dangerous falls. Do not change a roof tile without a spotter.

3. Locate the tile that needs repair.

4. Determine whether the tile is nailed in (usually along eaves, verges, and ridges), or simply held in place from the surrounding tiles. If the tile isn’t nailed, tile roof repairs will be a smooth and easy process.

5. You have two options if the tile is not nailed in. Either use the butt of the hammer to gently tap the overlapping tiles back and off of the tile you wish to replace or put one pry bar under each of the tiles to prop them up, giving you enough room to slide the damaged tile out.

6. Simply lay in the new tile and replace the overlapping tiles above by gently lifting and dragging them into place.

7. If the tiles are nailed in, you must use the pry bar. Find the tile you want to replace. Gently life the tiles two rows above it to find the nail you need to remove in the row immediately above the tile you want to replace. Use the pry bar to work the nail up and out. Do this for both of the tiles blocking your access to the tile that needs repair. Now push up the two tiles whose nails you removed. Make sure not to lose the nails.

8. Remove the old tile and replace it with the new one.

9. Carefully slide the tiles back into place, and replace the nails.

As you can see, tile roof repairs for just a few damaged tiles is something many people can learn to do without paying hundreds of dollars to professionals. However, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t want to take the risk, your roof has many damaged tiles or the problem is more serious, tile roof repairs may be necessary to prevent further damage.

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