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How To Clean Up Your Computer’s Processor

It’s a well known fact that computers will tend to get dirty and dusty over time, and that can also affect the performance of your device. Note that a dirty computer must always be maintained because the dust and other things that might come inside your device can cause your computer to perform bad. One notable example of this is a very dusty exhaust fan on your motherboard. If that happens, it will easily overheat your computer as less air flows into the motherboard’s piece.

So in order for you to get a nice way to make your computer processor clean for the sake of a better performance, as well as a cleaner room, contact Melbourne computers and remember this steps in cleaning it:


Don’t attempt to open up your computer if it’s running, or if there are any cables attached to the device. Always remove all of the cables on the monitor, USB, power supply, and the like before you proceed. Afterwards, touch a steel material in order to release the static in your body. This will prevent you from getting electrocuted by the computer. After that, you can go ahead and remove all parts of your computer in order to get it cleaned one by one.

Remove the Dust

The next thing that you need to do is to use a type of air compressor. This will effectively release all of the dust on the processor in just a jiffy. This is extremely important especially when removing dust off the exhaust systems, power supply, and almost all parts of the processor inside it. Do this on all of the parts, especially to the areas where a lot of dust has already formed.


You can use a cotton swab instead in order to remove the dirt off the exhaust system of your computer. This will give you a better way to get rid of all remaining dust on the parts of your computer. The step is extremely important when it comes to exhaust fans so then it can function easily once again. Lastly, always remember to use a damp cloth, not wet, in order to get rid of other dirt that’s on the computer processor’s parts. For the area of the drivers that will be plugged into the motherboard such as the video card and RAM’s end parts, use an eraser and be sure to carefully “erase” the dirt stuck on it. In video cards and RAMs, dirt is one factor that can cause slowness on the software as your computer runs.

Declutter The Wires

The wires will tend to make your processor look messy if you don’t sort them out. All you need for this step is a zip tie so then you will be able to compress the cables in one position. If there are any separate cables, but still in groups, do this step as well.

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