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How Adult Hearing Evaluated Through Online Hearing Test

Of the estimated 29.5 million American patients of hearing loss problems, 60% adults older than age 65 suffer from significant hearing loss. This makes hearing loss as the third most frequently reported chronic medical condition throughout America. To figure out whether this adult hearing loss has taken place in grown ups, audiologists conduct different tests for a complete hearing evaluation. After confirmation of the hearing loss problems, adult hearing loss is treated by a variety of methods including hearing aids, aural habilitation, and cochlear implantation etc. Hearing loss in adults is caused by a number of factors including infection or disease, drugs, continuous and excessive exposure to noise, trauma, or aging process. Sometimes the hearing loss is accompanied by ringing in the ears, sometimes there is no ringing.

Who Should Take Online Hearing Loss Test?

Anyone who suspects hearing loss, at any degree, should undergo hearing tests. Most commonly people come to doubt the efficiency of their hearing when they begin experiencing difficulty in understanding the conversation between persons or through phone. People who have a hstory of adult hearing loss or those who are gradually exposed to loud noise during work must have their hearing checked. Following tests are included as part of the online hearing test.

Pure Tone Testing

In this examination, the audiologist will try to ask you to report a different set of tones after your ears have been plugged with foam plugs. The softest sounds that you can hear are plotted by the audiologist who will also test you for several different frequencies with a bone conductor.

Speech Audiometry

There are approximately two kinds of hearing tests that make speech audiometry. The first one, you will be tested for the softest level at which you can repeat the words, usually it is composed of two syllables. The second test is your ability to comprehend speech at a moderately loud level of listening.

Acoustic Measures

This adult hearing loss test determines the movement of the eardrum and that of the middle ear by placing a soft plug in the subject’s ear. It detects any problem in the eardrum or middle ear that may cause hearing loss.

Acoustic Reflex Testing

The acoustic reflex of the subject is tested by presenting several loud tones after placing a soft plug into each ear canal. By this means, the function of the middle ear is thoroughly tested.

Specialized Hearing Loss Tests

Based on the audiometric testing or at the the subject’s particular case, the professional may recommend specialized tests.

All of these tests can be found when you consider getting an online hearing test.

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