Posted by admin on May 19, 2016

Home Extensions

During Christmas, you noticed your house was kind of small and it couldn’t hold the whole family. When everyone was away and your kids were in boarding school, your home looked big enough, you even had a hard time determining what to do with the extra rooms. Now you wish you could move to a new bigger house, but the cost is mind blowing. What do you do? Your best option could be a house extension. Here at Inspired Construction Services PTY Ltd, we specialize in building house extensions that will definitely look perfect and add value to your home. We understand that moving to a new house is quiet expensive and that is why we do our best to give our clients all the extra rooms or space they wish they had. A house extension will save you a lot of money, and with the extra room, your home will be more valuable if you were to sell it.

House extensions are permitted; therefore you won’t have to apply for housing plans. There are various rules that need to be followed, and it is advised to have experienced people build your extension. At our company, we have skilled, licensed architects who have a lot of experience in construction services and building home extensions. Building a house extension before you sell your home can be really profitable. When marketing your room, you will have an extra room to add to the house description.

The main reason why you should contact us is because house extensions are appreciated more when they match the architectural home design. Yes, you can build your own extension but who would want an extension that looks totally different from the main house and to add to that, there are a few architectural rules that have to be followed when building and extension. Some of these rules are hard to adhere to and often need a skilled architect to implement them. With Inspired Construction Services PTY Ltd, you won’t have to worry about any of these. We are good at our job and always adhere by the rules and regulations.

House extensions can be a great strategic way to get the most out of your house. For instance, you can buy a two bedroom house and build an extension that will act as a third bedroom. This is expected to be cheaper than buying a three bedroom house. If you wish to have a house extension, you can contact house extensions Brisbane and we’ll come inspect your home and see what is possible.

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