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Frequently Asked Questions About the First Home Buyers’ Grant

If you’re not familiar with the first home buyers grant, you’ll rejoice when you find out you’re qualified for it. It’s a discount given to those who are planning to purchase their first home. Therefore, you’ll regret not finding it sooner. After all, you’ll save money on purchasing what’s considered as a big investment. You could use the money you saved for other things such as appliances, furniture or a new car. To know more about the grant, read these frequently asked questions:

  • Why was it introduced?

The impact of the GST was big for some residents. Therefore, the government introduced the first home buyers grant to offset some of the impacts it may have brought. It’s also to give assistance to residents who are planning to purchase their first property.

  • What kind of property can be purchased?

Any property that can be labelled as a residence is eligible. However, it’s not applicable for existing buildings that are renovated. It’s also not applicable for vacant lands.

  • Who is eligible?

You must satisfy certain conditions to be qualified for the grant. You must be a resident of the country, at least 18 years of age and it’s your first home. Perhaps, the most important of them all is you must not exceed the grant cap limit of $750,000.

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