Posted by admin on Aug 16, 2017

Why Expats Love to Live in Pattaya, Thailand

If you have thought about why your friends and other people that you know always go back to Pattaya, Thailand, this is mainly because of these things.

  • Everything’s Cheap

Where can you get hygienic street food for a very low price? Only in Pattaya Thailand! Even if the place is famous to tourists, thanks to its beaches, you can still enjoy the food for only $1-$3 dollars. The public transportation, clothing, and entertainment here are cheap, too. You can surely enjoy lots of activities without breaking the bank.

  • Good Public Transportation and Air Connections

There are trains, buses, motorcycles, and taxis and other modes of public transportation in the area. The drivers are friendly and will even give you some tips on what are the places you shouldn’t miss. Also, Bangkok Airways have regular flights in and out the city’s airport so you can access the place with ease.

  • Culturally Rich

Aside from the remarkable architecture the city boasts of, the people here are also friendly. You can see how the Buddhist influence them positively. Their food also has a lot to say about their traditions and culture, too.

  • It’s Beautiful

From beaches to mountains, you surely will fall in love with the place ‘s scenery. Many temples are wonderfully made, and the locales are always smiling. Also, there are many water parks that kids can enjoy.

  • Lots of Good Food

As we have mentioned, Thailand’s food is outstanding. Not only because it is cheap but because it is diverse. From seafood to fruits, you will not get bored as you have something new to try every day.

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