Posted by admin on Sep 19, 2016

Evergreen Espirit’ De Corps

Flowers are no less than comrades in the field, bolstering on morale, water and how nature treats them. The hellebore clan/genus is known to bloom in wolf packs; one follows the other in stemming out to cultivate happiness. Helleborus NZ, the pride of the genus has been people’s favorite for a while, blossoming the backyard with brightness and tranquility in early winter mornings. The flower is enough to make anyone crave spring like one’s family looks to their homecoming. Spring brings about the ravishing daffodils and tulips in the helleborus exasperating the worldliness of be it a wood yard, open field or nursery.

A recent trend has emerged in the plantation of Helleborus in in house patios, where the flower sprouts with its evergreen toothed leaves and bold center in dark pink. The color spectrum can vary from green to purple to cream in color. The novelty and contrast in colors is what brings peace to the patio and happiness to morning teas. It is the presence of this being that has compelled me to bring back my ravine of a patio to serenity. In early march, I saw two or three of these crooked flowers sprouting out. Giving inception to the idea, why not cover the rugged floor with some wooden veneer and American grass. With that out of the way, we had rusty chairs coming out of the garage smelling of the leftover WD 40 cleaning agent, but what the heck? I had to maneuver a patio into readiness, all due to the seductive charm of a flower. Even my dog had become fond of the flower which ultimately coerced me into bringing the backyard to life, a long lost wish of his. The last addition to the mix was teak chairs we bought from the farmer’s market, and voila our patio was ready and ample to host a family of four.

Adaptability is the helleborus’s forte; it can be planted in a range of soils and environments, from acidic soil to waterlogged chewy sand. You name it and the plant can put up with it all! The only thing that can bring down this flower of fortitude is its wolf pack trait, if one helleborus perennial falls sick, the rest tend to follow the trend as if an epidemic has spread. Fresh but rugged, but like any other this plant also craves the master’s love. The more you water it; likewise it keeps thriving and germinating the yard.

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