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Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Anything that has advantages, will always have its own disadvantages. Solar energy Perth is a popular topic among people that talk about renewable energies. It is a beneficial source of energy, yet it is highly criticized. Though using solar energy has a lot of advantages, it also has disadvantages. Even if we can all agree that harnessing sun’s power to turn into energy, we still need to know and understand its disadvantages.

  1. Solar energy is not available without the sun.

This one is quiet obvious. Without the sun, you can’t harness any solar energy. At night, you won’t be able to harness and create it. And the night is not your only problem. Clouds are also a hindrance to harnessing solar energy. Being in a place that is always cloudy will reduce the effectiveness of your solar panels. And the weather is also a problem, as it won’t always be sunny. Though you can still harness solar energy even if it is cloudy or raining, but it will still be minimal.

  1. Storage of solar energy is expensive.

You can either use solar immediately, or store them in batteries. As you can only harness the power of the sun when it is shining, and you still need energy when it doesn’t, you will have to store them. Another problem with it is that the batteries do not last as long as the panels. And it will cost you to replace them.

  1. The materials that make up the solar panels are polluting.

Cadmium, lead, mercury and silicon are the main components of solar panels and their batteries, and they are toxic. While manufacturing solar panels, toxic and hazardous materials are being used. And installing solar panels, can also be associated with the emission of green houses.

  1. The installation of solar energy harnessing equipment consumes space.

It requires a lot of space to install solar panels. And the more solar energy you need to harness, the more solar panels that you would need, which also means that you will need more space. And you can’t easily install solar panels anywhere, you need to install them where the sun can shine on them.

  1. The cost of installation is expensive.

Purchasing solar energy harnessing equipment is expensive, and it would also cost by installing them. It is always the first disadvantage of using solar energy.

The disadvantages of using solar energy are made up mostly of cost. Yet these disadvantages are highly overshadowed by its advantages. They can easily be overcome by careful planning.

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