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Different Line Markings

Line markings, even when we do not notice it all, are very important for without it, there might be a lot of accidents and people might be lost. Say for example in the road, if there are no line markings on the road, do you think people will follow where they should be? Surely, people will not respect the other people on the other side of the road. There will no longer be a smooth traffic since everyone will be off on their track. Therefore, line markings really do matter and that we should keep it as clear as possible wherever there is one.

For you to have an idea on the different line markings around the world and the equipments used to create the line markings.

1.    The Longitudinal Line Markings



The longitudinal line markings are the ones that you commonly find on the roads, the two straight lines separating the right and the left side of the road. This is what keeps the balance in both sides and also protecting people from bumping on each other. Without this line, people may choose to be on any side depending on what they want and it will surely be a problem for everyone. The equipment used in marking the road with these lines is just a truck that is especially made for doing longitudinal line markings on the road. They do not use an ordinary paint to do this but rather use a waterborne material that has a very long lifetime.

2.    The Car Park Lane Markings



Imagine if there were no car park lane markings, what would have happen? Surely, people will just park their cars wherever is convenient for them even when it gives other people a problem. Or say for example the car park lane markings where not placed properly and there is a little space in between two cars, this is also a problem since both cars can’t stick together. These markings are very important for people to be organized and not create a problem. The car park lane markings give everyone who owns a car a hassle free parking so it is just a much that we notice its significance. Like the longitudinal line markings, waterborne paint material is also used to have a clearer and longer lifetime of these markings.

3.    The Sport Court Line Markings



The lines that you see in a basketball court, in the track and field arena, are also line markings that play significant roles in our lives. If these lines were not made, then surely there is no game. Say in the track and field arena, if there are no lines to separate each player, then players would be bumping on each other or fight each other since they can just be in any place that they want. Also in the basketball court, if there were no lines in the court then determining the teams’ scores will be very difficult since nothing would determine violations and out of the court shots.

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