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Different Kinds Of Outdoor Awnings

Awnings are well known by a lot of countries already, they are usually used during hot summer days and even winter days, and the reason why is because they can help regulate or control the weather depending on your liking. Outdoor awnings Melbourne come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and they can also be made by using different materials. By using awnings, you will surely gain a lot of benefits from it, this includes saving electricity and money since you don’t have to use air condition or any lighting system, protection from the weather, and making your life comfortable or cozy. Before buying your own awnings, you must first know its different kinds as well as its advantages to help you choose the right awnings for you:

• Stationary or also known as fixed awnings are usually what most people use because they provide permanent shade or shelter for the people. From the name itself, this type of awnings are permanently attached to the exterior of your wall which means that it couldn’t be easily moved to other places unless you chose to take it down.

The stationary or fixed awnings are commonly used for small areas such as doors or in your window because if you are going to cover a larger area, your stationary awnings would need a support. The stationary awnings are designed or structured in a way that it can withstand heavy rains or wind, that no matter how bad the condition of the weather is, your stationary awnings will give you full weather protection. And even though this needs more maintenance and fixed orientation, you will surely not regret having this kind of awning because they are strong and long lasting.


• Retractable awnings is a kind of awning that can be adjusted, whether you want it to be opened or pulled back and besides, retractable awnings can be either motorized or manual which means that they are easy to use. If talking about its installation process, the retractable roofs are installed in the same way as the fixed or stationary awnings. The good thing about retractable awnings is that they can be roof or wall mounted. The advantage of the fixed or stationary awnings over the retractable awnings is that the frames used for the retractable awnings doesn’t need high maintenance and is ideal  to add aesthetic for patios and deck designs.

The only advantage that the fixed awning has is its structure; the retractable awnings cannot withstand poor condition of the weather. And since the retractable awnings have complicated parts, its initial expense and repairs will surely be costly.

Depending on the need and style of the awning you want to establish on your home, you can choose either of the two that fits best to your decision. Whatever your decision may be, always be mindful of the quality and service of these awnings. Installing both awnings needs to be done by a professional installer. By letting them do their job, there is no doubt that your awnings will surely be safe to use.

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