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Certified One Touch Data Recovery Gurus!

Have you recently found yourself in dire need of your data? Did you accidentally format your hard drive, only to realize that in doing so, you lost your corporate data? If you have yes as an answer, then data recovery Melbourne is here to assist you with your problem. Here, you will find out all that you need to know about our data recovery services and by the end of this article, you will have us as your priority.

Who Are We?

Unlike other companies, we are a family. Yes, a team that has been working together for the past ten years and counting. We are skilled in all dimensions of data recovery, following our up to date RND team that is updated on each and every aspect of the unequivocally inherent evolving data loss issues. Always one step ahead of the others.

Our team is divided in a number of sub-teams, each of which is well versed in its own area of expertise. Together, we deliver collaborative team effort in unison. Normally, it is easy to mistake us for an IT company, well, we are not. This is because in the next section you will see where you actually get to come into our company’s management – yes!

How We Work

Being experienced in the data recovery field doesn’t give us the all-knowing pass. This is why we believe that our clients are the backbone of any job they deliver to us. You are what makes the job tick in the first place and it is why you are utterly the prime bot for any task you throw at us. Where are we driving at with this?

We encourage collaborative effort or agile problem solving. What this means is that you will actually have to interact with our team first and tell them what is it that you did that led you to the present problem. From here, our team will throw at you various options and solutions that you can opt for. Some of which may be unappealing, but it is during this interaction that you get all alternatives posed.

After we have had a share of your say, it is now up to us to work on the possible alternatives on how to solve your situation. It is from here that we move to our labs and based on your agreed on deadline, we start working. WHAT ABOUT MY PRIVACY? Your privacy is our concern and this is why we make sure that we create a backup on a folder which you alone know the password to! Amazing, isn’t is!!

Why Choose Us?

Standards Based

All the operations we undertake during the recovery process are tied to the IEEE standards. We highly believe in formality.

Recommended By Many

We have been a reference point by all Enders in the hard disk manufacturing industry. Toshiba, transcend, SD and WD among other designers.

100% Customer Intimacy

We believe that in understanding our customers, we also grow as well in our data recovery part. This is why we always keep in touch with our customers even after the service to make all is still in order.

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