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Advantage of Getting a Free Hearing Test

If you’re suffering from a hearing impairment, the first thing you can do is to get an online hearing test. This test will give an initial assessment to determine the severity of your condition. To avoid worsening your hearing condition, it’s better to have this test sooner than later. You can find a few organisations that provide a free hearing test in the net. Here, online experts will be able to give you sufficient explanations regarding what those tests might entail and how you can avail of them as soon as possible. Afterward, these organisations can connect you to a medical institution that can perform a real medical exam soon as possible. There are also online forms that you can download from the site itself. These forms will allow you to find out if you are eligible for any of these medical examinations. The good thing about these examinations, the result in the forms will also be part of the assessment. Eligibility Criteria If you visit the site, you will learn that there are some criteria that you need to pass to become eligible for the test. A free exam is rewarded to: Veterans and pensioners Those who are seeking employment Those who are in need of medical tools for industrial deafness If you are able to pass these criteria, you will get a chance to be tested for possible hearing conditions. The good thing about this particular service is that it is free. You would not have to pay anything to get yourself checked. Fast Results In terms of the timeframe, you will be able to get results immediately. You will not have to wait for too long. This is because the equipment to be used for your tests are modern and state of the art. It’s an easy and convenient way for you to know your condition as...
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Doctors Need to Learn More About Fat

It’s a well known fact that fat is bad news in all ways. If we have too much fat in our body, we can become obese and might attract certain diseases. Even being overweight due to fat can cause problems in our daily lives such as moving and easily experiencing fatigue. However, there are news that this is just a myth that don’t just go out of the grid, and keeps on misinforming us. Now, it has left some people to feel more confused about fat, and if it can really cause problems or not. There were around 72 studies showing that 600,000 patients that had heart diseases were not actually caused by saturated fat – one of the so-called deadliest fats that we can consume. However, it was shown that trans fat is proven to be the harmful one in our body, and a fat called as omega-3 is the one responsible for our heart’s health. There were other news that only a few know about, especially when it comes to people having heart attacks on a normal cholesterol level. Lowering cholesterol levels can be lessened easily, but what doctors need to know about is how to lessen the risk of heart attacks. There were studies of more than 100,000 patients who were admitted into the hospital due to heart attacks, and it was found out that there were 75% of the patients had normal cholesterol. However, half of that 75% had high LDL levels. This means that high LDL in the body is what links to heart attacks. On another note, 10% of those patients had a high HDL level cholesterol, while the rest of them had the HDL level at a very low rate – at 50% and less. This means that low HDL levels indicate the risk of heart attacks, and everyone should know that...
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