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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Carpeted floors offer several advantages. They are good to feel with your feet, they make the room sound proof and can be a good insulator. This is besides giving your home an attractive look. However, when the carpet is soiled and if its smells bad, cleaning can really be daunting. Carpet cleaning is really hard unless you know what should be done at times when there are food spills, pet urines and other liquid that may be spilled on it.

You can have daily carpet cleaning by vacuuming. Using a vacuum cleaner will get rid of the debris and dusts that sit deep down the carpeted floor. When the carpet receive too much traffic, it should be vacuumed daily while the portion that only receive less traffic can be vacuumed once a week as your maintenance routines.

Here are some of the top tips with doing your carpet cleaning activities:

If you spot something in the carpet which needs to be cleaned, vacuum the debris and dust away before you will make use of any cleaning solution. Then when blotting stains, use an absorbent cotton with white color.

carpet-cleaningWhen removing wax from the carpet fibers, use a hot iron and a clean white cloth. What you will do it to place the cloth over the carpet and then iron on top of the cloth. Since the iron is hot, the wax will be softened and the cloth will pick it up.

Carpet cleaning by removing greasy stains on the carpet can be easily done by using baking soda, and corn starch or as a substitute you can use talcum powder. These are applied on the greasy stains and let it stay for 8 hours. After this, vacuum up the residue.

To remove odors, you can use a mouth wash mixed with one gallon of water that is warm and then mop the fibers of the carpet by using a sponge mop.

Using white vinegar and dishwashing liquid will also remove stains. One quart of the warm water will be mixed with a cup of vinegar and four teaspoon of dish washing liquid. Whisk the mixture so it will become frothy and then apply it on the stains of the rug. Then to blot the moisture, you use a white cotton cloth. If stain is still visible, you have to repeat the application.

If you really cannot handle carpet cleaning, you can always call Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for a professional cleaning service to address your needs.

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