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Advantages of using Termite Baits

Over the years, there have been different techniques employed in order to get rid of termites. Termites are the most dangerous pests known to mankind as most of these insects feed on wood structures. These methods range from the conventional chemical treatments to the most popular choice of termite extermination and control – termite baits.

These insects commonly called “white ants” consume wood or paper because these contain cellulose, the primary food source of termites. Common groups of termites that terrorize homes and other wooden structures are identified as subterranean and drywood termites. Regardless of their types however, termite baits play by how termite colonies work. Termites are creatures that would prefer to have an easier access to their food source and termite baits take advantage of this. The mechanics to using termite bait is that a container is filled with a mix of wood, paper and a toxicant and is buried underground. This would eliminate the need of using chemical pesticides that if done improperly would be harmful to people instead.


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Another plus to using termite baits is that since it is buried underground, termites will definitely head towards it to feed and gather food instead of heading for their immediate food source in the form of the building. This will positively cause a diversion for the colony, providing safety to the structure as the termites will identify a new place to find and bring in food.

With the bait nestled deep in the ground, distribution of the bait and poison mix will be easier for the colony to do. These toxicants are edible to these insects and discreet such a way that termites can’t tell if the toxicants are harmful or not. With the toxicants easily passed from one termite to another and ingested by each member, termination is done in a widespread manner.

Although termite baits are a bit complicated to apply on one’s own and assistance from a pest control firm would be useful, it is assured that it is one of the best methods of controlling and eradicating termites. To fully succeed in getting rid of termites, using termite baits should be prepared in multiples and additional protection against attacks should be made to make sure your territory is completely free of these pests. These additional protections can be in the form of different forms of termite extermination chemicals or physical barriers.

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