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Achieve The Perfect Blend With Wega Coffee Machines

Looking for the special blend of brewed coffee? Wega coffee machines are best known for its superior quality and long durability. It is one of the leading brands recommended for both office and home use. Also, it is suitable for coffee shops and cafés.

Wega offers an impressive range of coffee machines, consisting of manual, semi-auto and fully automatic ones.

Listed below are Wega coffee machines sure to deliver the perfect blend.

  • WegaConcept Espresso coffee machine

            Wega introduces the innovative WegaConcept feature which imparts to the machine an ability to adjust its functions based on the workload it has performed.  Apart from this memory function, WegaConcept Espresso coffee machine is equipped with multiple boilers for efficient work distribution. It also maintains the thermal heat of coffee with its brewing boilers, yielding a perfect cup of espresso at just the right temperaturecoffee machine

  • Sphera R12 Espresso coffee machine

            The Sphera model integrates sleek design and functionality. It highlights an ergonomic structure for producing premium quality coffee. The electronic version comes with programmable doses using a manual brewing button. It also comes with a hot water supply that is temperature controlled. Sphera coffee machines have built-in motor pumps, auto-steamers and electronically controlled cup warmers.

  • Vela Espresso coffee machine

            Vela uniquely combines versatility and functionality. Its trendy design complements its functional group heads that come in varying heights. Other interesting features of Vela to note are the retro-illuminated, waterproof touchpads; programmable doses using a manual brewing button; steam wands with stainless steel finish; electronic cup warmers and electronic temperature control.

            Wega launches Atlas with the concept of being simple yet functional. Atlas is available only in semi-automatic version. It has electromechanical push buttons for ease of use. Atlas’ handsome design is available in three unique colours. Select Sand, Metallic red or Metallic black.

  • Polaris Espresso coffee machine

            Polaris espresso coffee machine is fully automated. It is easily programmable using the touchpad that comes with an alphanumeric, multifunctional display. What you can see on the display are the date, time and daily programming of on and off, amounts of brewed coffee and the alarm for the water softener. Dosing is also electronic and programmable.

  • Mininova Classic espresso coffee machine

            The Mininova Classic model is the most lightweight compared to others from the same product range. It is available in both standard and raised versions. Mininova features programmable options for brewing and even a manual brewing button. The electronic model makes use of a sprung push button to operate the hot water outlet. If you are going for a classic, retro look, we recommend the Mininova Classic espresso machine.

What’s more, Wega strives for excellent customer service. Their trained technicians offer proper installation services for the Wega coffee machines you purchase.

To complement your Wega coffee machines, choose from a wide assortment of accessories. Try out Wega top dispenser, aluminium coffee tamper, tamper hand support and spring tamper.

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