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A Guide to Floor Sanding

Floor sanding is the process of cleaning or polishing the top layer of wooden floors periodically which often requires a list of materials or an expert team to do the job. A team of professional floor sanders may charge between $800 to $1000 and the process can be a bit time consuming. However, it is a vital step for maintaining the beauty and condition of home or office wooden floors to repair visible and hidden damages. Mentioned below are a few advantages and factors to consider before getting the floor sanded.

Prep the Floor Before the Floor Sanding Process:

Although most floor sanding service providers include the prepping process in their package, it is always good to consider doing them yourself so you know what’s going on.

Start with the Basics – Before getting the floor sanded, it is important that all furniture and household items are moved and stored at a secure place. The process of moving the furniture may consume a lot of time or maybe days depending on the area that needs sanding. So, remove all the current covering and underlay to get ready for the next step.

Smooth it Out – Once the furniture is removed, the entire floor needs to be smoothed out by removing or punching in nails and staples or other hard material that holds the floor in place. Executing this process may require some tools, so arrange them depending on the floor’s condition. Remember, this is a very critical step and cannot be ignored as nails and staples can damage the sanding machine if not taken care of.


Advantages of Floor Sanding:

1.    Floor sanding is an essential part of wooden floor maintenance which adds shine and glow to the floor making it look new and more resistant to stains and other damages.

2.    The process helps improve the overall condition of the house by enhancing the look and removes old traces of wear and tear.

3.    Floor sanding levels the entire floor which helps in less collection of dust particles making the home much cleaner than before.

Here are some references for an upcoming sanding process:

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Floor Sanding – Floor Sanding specializes in fixing, repairing, sanding and polishing wooden floors at attractive prices for common households. They are based in Brisbane  and take care of pre-sanding process too.

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