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5 Out-of-the-Box Alternative Ideas For Wedding Cakes

When it comes to weddings, one of the important details that you have to take care of is the type of wedding cake you will want to prepare for the reception. There are many types that are available nowadays.

Your wedding cake does not have to be limited to the circular layered chiffon cake that you traditionally see. No need to limit yourself to the white, blue, or silver colors typical of wedding. You can consider other types of wedding cakes for your special event too. You can think of alternative ideas – especially out-of-the-box ones – to have a great cake for your reception trust wedding cakes Brisbane.

Here are some great examples of what out-of-the-box ideas you can consider for your wedding cake:

Idea #1: Cheese

To some people, cheese may come only in one kind. However, there are actually many varieties of cheese available in the world. There is the Cheddar, Brie, and Wensleydale and Cranberry. The color is not all yellow too. There is variety to the colors, depending on the type of cheese you opt for. If you plan to choose cheese as your alternative for a wedding cake, you can take an extra mile by decorating it with fruits. You can also serve the cheese to the guests with homemade bread.

Idea #2: Chocolate Fountain

It is fun to take advantage of a chocolate fountain as an alternative to your cake. However, the bride must make sure to be extra careful when serving or enjoying this. The white dress you have so excitedly prepared for the wedding might be ruined simply because of one drop from the viscous chocolate in the chocolate fountain machine. Prepare some countermeasures for that then. Never let spillage or splatters ruin your perfect day. You can serve this with a fruits or marshmallows.

Idea #3: Macaroons

If you want a visually appealing, out-of-the-box alternative cake idea, then the macaroons should be worth the money. It can be designed so that the colors perfectly match that of the color theme for your wedding. Even a small yet colorful macaroon tower can make an impact as your alternative for wedding cake. You may also consider some alternative features that might work out with the wedding. This is an especially good alternative idea when you are getting married with a tight budget.

Idea #4: Rice Crispies

Normally, no one would think of using rice crispies as an alternative for a wedding cake. It is not just that ideal as a “wedding cake” material. However, it is actually surprising how this particular alternative can be tailored to fit well even in traditional weddings. With rice crispies, you have flexibility in designing the structure and even the color motif. You have endless possibilities to work on with the said alternative.

Idea #5: Cake Shots

Cake shots is probably one of the best alternatives to wedding cakes. Offer the guests a choice of cake shots that range from heavy to light options. Have them enjoy their favorite cake instead of limiting them to one type. You can prepare lemon cheesecake, chocolate fondant, and many more.

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